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Transport through the ages has always been a case of dog eat dog. The early days of horse coaching were swallowed by the coming of the railway, which to some extent was affected by the arrival of electric trams, which in turn were superseded by electric trolleybuses and motor buses.

This Saturday marks, for some, a sad anniversary. For it will be 50 years since the last trolleybus ran in Portsmouth.

A number 18 turns out of Albert Road into Victoria Road North

A number 18 turns out of Albert Road into Victoria Road North

On July 27, 1963, the final vehicle entered Eastney Depot to end an era of public transport in the city which many mourn. It was greeted by a crowd of wellwishers in an almost carnival atmosphere.

Today and tomorrow Remember When pays tribute to these buses.

The picture here of a number 18 trolleybus turning out of Albert Road, Southsea, into Victoria Road South, heading north in the 1950s - and other pictures of Portsmouth trolley buses published in The News today - have been supplied by trolleybus enthusiast John Kinchen of Farlington.