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With the coming of computers and their spellchecks, there seems to be no need to use dictionaries any more.

I have a 1922 version called The King’s English Dictionary which was given to me some 50 years ago and is still in use.

I may not use it for spelling any more but it has many more uses because at the back it tells me of many Scottish words and phrases as well as those in Greek and Latin and some modern foreign languages.

It also includes the population of every town and city. In 1922 Portsmouth had a population of 240,700 and Hampshire 910,333.

Even back then Portsmouth must have been one of the most congested cities in Britain considering how small it was and that it consisted only of Portsea Island.

Great Britain and Northern Ireland had a population of 44,176,171.

It also gives me every weight imaginable, the name of every country’s currency and its exchange rate.

It’ll be of great interest to someone from Time Team in years to come.