Did the Southsea floral clock change position?

Southsea's floral clock
Southsea's floral clock
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Portsmouth historian Jane Smith got in touch after reading the Remember When feature about the Rock Gardens at Southsea.

She says one of her favourite seafront attractions was the floral clock, and she sent me this postcard to remind us.

Jane says: ‘These clocks not only formed attractive centrepieces of the gardens in many seaside places, but told the time too.’

Here the clock also sports a clever legend –- Southsea For The Best Time.

The undated postcard shows the clock in front of the seafront café and she wonders if readers remember it being there.

She adds: ‘I wonder too, if the clock was laid out in this position or if it has been superimposed on the foreground just to make a good picture?’

The café was demolished many years ago but the floral clock still exists at the end of what is now known as Brian Kidd Way, the long approach to Southsea Castle next to the D-Day Museum.

She adds: ‘Unfortunately, it has been defunct for a while. If any one feature of the seafront deserves to be rejuvenated the floral clock does.’