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Passells, which was at 57 Charlotte Street, Portsmouth
Passells, which was at 57 Charlotte Street, Portsmouth
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Many thanks to all of you who replied so swiftly with solutions to the two mystery pictures I ran on Monday.

Firstly, the pub. A couple of you thought it might be in Gosport, but you were wrong.

The pub on the corner of Eldon Street and King Street in Southsea.

The pub on the corner of Eldon Street and King Street in Southsea.

As many of you knew it was in Southsea and the building, on the corner of Eldon Street and King Street, is now the Kitsch ‘n d’or restaurant.

It’s had a variety of names over the years. The last, as a pub, was Scotts Bar.

But several of you said it has been called The Elm Tavern, Elm Brewery Tap and, perhaps, The Three Elms.

Steve Mills, of Denbigh Drive, Fareham, had a particular reason for getting in touch.

His late grandfather, Charles Mills, is in the picture. He is eighth from the left standing behind the pipe-smoking man sitting on the kerb.

Steve said: ‘Following some research and picking my father’s brain, I’m sure the pub is on the corner of Eldon Street and King Street and was once known as Elm Brewery Tap.’

He said his father thought the group might have been off on a Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes’ outing in the mid-1930s.

The pub then was run by Walter Stiles and, according to Ian Glasby, from Southsea, he was there for at least six years, possibly more, but certainly between 1933 and 1940.

Barrie Nuttall was another who responded to the feature. He lives in the Isle of Scilly and saw it on

He confirmed it as The Elm Tavern at 51 King Street and added: ‘The reference to the Breweries’ Tap [on the fascia] is because the United Brewery was also in King Street, on the other side of Eldon Street.

‘The two were, allegedly, connected by a tunnel running west from the pub’s cellar.

‘I used to live in King Street, a few doors from the pub and used it frequently in all three of its lives.’

And so we move on to Passells greengrocers which, as so many of you remembered, was at 57 Charlotte Street, Portsmouth.

Diane Choudhuri, from Farlington, was thrilled to see the picture because it features her family. Her camera-shy grandfather Edward Victor Passells owned the shop which is now partially on the site of the back entrance to Marks & Spencer.

On the far right, in the dark top, is her grandmother Ellen Passells. Next to her are her two daughters Nellie and Alice [Diane’s aunt and mother respectively].

Diane said: ‘My grandfather didn’t like having his picture taken which is probably why he’s not in the picture.

‘I remember the shop had a small frontage but went back a long way and had a very narrow staircase up to where he and my grandmother lived.’