Do you know any of these grassroots footballers?

The Portsmouth Sunday league team Grosvenor Press of the 1968/69 season.
The Portsmouth Sunday league team Grosvenor Press of the 1968/69 season.
A little fuzzy perhaps but here we see Portsdown Hill Road where it meets London Road. The George pub would be on the right behind the soldiers. 'Picture: Barry Cox Collection

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Bob Currie, from Portchester, submitted these football photographs of the days when he played and managed at grassroots level.

Bob can be seen kneeling in the centre of the front row during the 1968/89 season of the Portsmouth Sunday league team Grosvenor Press.

Grosvenor Press, the printers, at that time traded from Blackfriars Road in Portsmouth before moving to Northarbour Road, Cosham.

He said manager Ernie Fuller, complete with blazer, was a great organiser.

The Pether brothers are standing fifth and seventh from the left in the back row. While other faces are familiar, names are not, and he would like readers to help fill in the blanks.

While working for the light engineering firm Power Brakes, Bob created the football team and managed it for five seasons.

They won two Portsmouth Sunday league titles but more impressively went two-and-a-half seasons without a single booking and won the team of the year award.

The well-brushed and trendy trophy holders at the Mecca in Arundel Street were standing (from left): Bob Bates, Derek Bond, Colin Riddout, Mark Chambers, Trevor Quade, Geoff Quade, David Vine, Pat Cunningham, and manager Bob Currie.

Front row: Alan Young, Geoff Ellis, Peter Jarvis (captain), Paul Travers, Steve Welford.

The football kit-clad Power Brakes team of 1978/79 were standing (from left): Bob Currie (manager), Needham, G Quade, Travers, T Quade, Riddout, Newman, Chambers.

Front row: Bond, Smith, Vine, Jarvis, Walters, Bates.