Do you know the boys on the rubble at Fratton?

Harley Street, Fratton, July 1967
Harley Street, Fratton, July 1967
THEN: Full of life and shops galore  the eastern end of Highland Road in Edwardian days with Kassassin Street on the right.  Picture: Barry Cox Collection

NOSTALGIA: Snapshot of life in Edwardian Portsmouth

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Two boys play in the rubble of 1967 Portsmouth. But do you know who they are?

The pictures here were taken by David Janes and he hopes readers might be able to shed further light on them.

David, of Rectory Close, Alverstoke, Gosport, took the picture featuring the two boys in July of that year.

It shows Harley Street, Fratton, and was taken from St John’s Road. You can just glimpse Fratton Road in the distance.

David says: ‘The two boys were playing on the rubble and asked if they could be in the picture.

‘I have often wondered who they were and what happened to them. They would be in their fifties now.’

Does anyone recognise them – family, friends or even the two chaps themselves?

The first photo in our In Pictures feature was taken the same month and shows the end of Wharf Road at Mile End, Portsmouth.

David says: ‘Old maps indicate that a jetty or quay was here at one time – Bishop’s Quay.

‘But what were the rail tracks used for?

‘The left-hand line, the one curving away, went into a derelict shed.

‘The right-hand line ran parallel to the shed for some distance.

‘Perhaps readers can shed some light on it,’ he asks.

And David’s other picture shows James Street from Raglan Street, Landport in March 1965. The railway line is behind the photographer.

David says: ‘This is an area of old Portsmouth which rarely features in print.

‘The houses are gradually being emptied of occupants prior to demolition and the scene has a dismal air.

‘A young lad heads homeward.

‘This area was known as The Buildings, I believe. Does anyone know why?’ says David.

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