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Clare Ash's class of 1959 at St Jude's School, Southsea
Clare Ash's class of 1959 at St Jude's School, Southsea
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You might remember this picture from 1959 of pupils at St Jude’s School, Southsea.

Clare Ash, who is in it, asked if anyone recognised the faces.

As a result of its appearance here and Clare’s investigative prowess, she has tracked down 32 of her former classmates from St Jude’s and 27 of them are having a reunion at Romsey in August to celebrate 60 years since they started primary school. One is coming from Montana, USA, especially for the event.

But Clare is still trying to find a Lesley Price who became a dancer.

Clare says: ‘She lived at 42 Worthing Road, Southsea. Her father Leslie Roy Price fought in the First World War in HMS Pembroke. Her mother’s maiden name was Frances Ena Tarrant.

‘Lesley Anne Price was born in Portsmouth in 1951 and went to the Convent of the Cross secondary school after St Jude’s.’