Do you remember the Bottle in the Wall?

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Do any of you remember a night club that was located in Kings Terrace, Southsea, in the 1960s called the Bottle in the Wall?

Barbara Marshall, of Woodhall Way, in Fareham, would like to know what happened to it and also St Christopher’s Hospital in Fareham when it was the local workhouse. If you know of these establishments please drop me a line and I will pass them on. Thank you.

We read in the papers about the housing shortage today but 90 years ago the the Portsmouth Evening News received more than a thousand letters from people needing accommodation. It appears that the plight of many was in the extreme, some living even then in hovels and slums.

The revelation had the effect of spurring on the council housing committee to fresh exertion and the provision of new housing at a more rapid rate than of the previous years.

The former Southsea branch railway line that ran from Fratton Station to the Strand was at last removed during 1921/22. Again the Portsmouth News suggested that the land should be utilised for its original purpose for which it had not been used for the previous five years or restored to the general public.

The Southern Railway eventually decided to remove the railway lines, demolish the four bridges at Goldsmith Avenue, Jessie Road, Albert Road and alongside St Ronans Road, and release the land for other purposes.