Donation improves the conditions of Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham

THEN: Highland Road Methodist church, Eastney, Portsmouth.

NOSTALGIA: Portsmouth church was converted into British Restaurant during war

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In 1934 an inspection was made to see if Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham, was suitable enough to be an annexe to the Royal Hospital in Commercial Road, Portsmouth.

The general opinion was that it was not.

One of the inspectors was Sir Woolmer White who offered £20,000 to extend the Royal on its then present site.

The offer was accepted, the hospital enlarged and improved and it appears that Sir Woolmer handed over twice his original amount.

At that time a dockyardman was earning, shall we say, seven pounds a week in today’s money. The amount offered by Sir Woolmer was, in today’s money, worth £1.25m.

Can you believe it?

And he was said to have handed over twice that amount.

What a benefactor.

Sadly Sir Woolmer never lived to see the results of his donation.