Drawings are a record of ‘the real Old Portsmouth’

Pembroke Road, Old Portsmouth drawn by artist Nigel Grundy
Pembroke Road, Old Portsmouth drawn by artist Nigel Grundy
Jo and Rhys Williams competing in a nighttime navigational competition in East Hampshire

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Artist Nigel Grundy is no stranger to the Portsmouth scene, his last book being In the Footsteps of Wyllie about William Wyllie.

His new book, Requiem, is a masterclass in drawing much of Portsmouth that has been destroyed in the past 30 years. Indeed his great-grandson Jan Wyllie remarked: ‘If it weren’t for the work of Nigel Grundy, the real Old Portsmouth would be erased without a trace. His is a definitive record of what is left of its architecture.’

Never could truer words have been spoken.

There are all the well-known views from Old Portsmouth, plus other odd viewpoints such as looking in from the sea into Point. HMS Vernon is remembered and views along the Hot Walls. Naval ships leaving the harbour are also featured.

He then ventures into Southsea, with vistas of St Jude’s Church, Great Southsea Street and Castle Road to name just a few.

More than 60 views can be seen and I think the book would be a worthy addition to any collection about the city.

The book, published by The Southsea Press, is available from WH Smith in Southsea, The Southsea Gallery in Albert Road and the Anglican cathedral in High St, Old Portsmouth, priced £12.95.