Engraver dropped a clanger

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My story about HMS Lowestoft’s missing bell brought a reply from Eddy Amey who was a workshop manger in the Dockyard in 1970.

Among his staff were 14 engravers and their duties included engraving Dockyard-made gifts for visiting dignitaries and inscribing names in ships’ bells.

HMS London had a silver ship’s bell donated by City of London Guilds and when that valuable item was engraved the metal off-cuts had to be collected and handed to the sentry who was guarding the bell while it was in the workshop.

Eddy, from Fareham, says: ‘We once had to engrave a replacement bell for HMS Antrim and by some unfortunate lapse the engraver machined ‘HMS Antrit’ in letters 30mm high. The offending ’t’ was brazed in and re-engraved with an ‘m’ but the different colour was obvious.