Evening News staff on wayzgoose

The wayzgoose at Hambledon in 1910
The wayzgoose at Hambledon in 1910
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PS Sandown on her maiden cross-Solent voyage in 1934.

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If only outings for staff at The News today had the elegance and style of this wayzgoose from August, 1910.

Tiger Tiger it most certainly is not, but Hambledon.

The picture comes from my erstwhile colleague Mark Wingham, now a leading postcard collector and entrepreneur and one-time elegant top-order batsman with Hambledon. He’s pretty sure this is Ridge Meadow.

And ‘wayzgoose’?

For those of you not in the business, it was a day out given by a master printer to his workmen on or about St Bartholomew’s Day (August 24). Perhaps a tradition which merits a comeback...