For the scrapbook: the toast of Christmas past

Solent Middle School, Farlington
Solent Middle School, Farlington

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Today we go back 17 years to Chrismas 1993 to remember a variety of Christmas shows and nativity plays put on by Portsmouth schools.

As ever, the young people here, now in their 20s and 30s, capture the spirit of the season.

Arundel Court First School, Landport

Arundel Court First School, Landport

Doubtless some of the older ones might have wondered why they were asked to dress in silly costumes and wear daft hats, but I bet when they see these pictures today they will look back on them with fond memories and a wry smile or two.

And so, we move on – towards another year and days which will for many older readers bring back memories of that incredible winter 50 years ago. That winter of 1962-63 that was dubbed The Big Freeze.

I’m planning a series of features on it and would love to include your snow pictures and hear your memories.

Meanwhile, Merry Christmas.