Formal card from a chap having a Whale of a time

The reverse of the formal Whale Island Christmas card
The reverse of the formal Whale Island Christmas card
HM Submarine  P556  is berthed at (as it was then ) Fort Blockhouse. Wrens are pushing the torpedo. (Mike Nolan coll.)

NOSTALGIA: Wrens show the boys how to do it

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Last Friday I published a photograph of the bridge and causeway/ford across the water to Whale Island and HMS Excellent.

This marvellous postcard from 1906 was sent in by Bob Meaden and shows the original bridge across the harbour.

There was a swing bridge in the middle to allow tall-masted barges through.

The odd thing about this postcard is that, as you can see, it was sent as a Christmas card.

It was franked on December 24, 1906, at 5.30pm. Ah, those were the days.

And perhaps it arrived on Christmas Day because I’m sure there used to be a delivery on December 25, or am I imagining it?

Also, note the formality of the writer. It is addressed to Miss B Caldwell and is signed D Harris.

I wonder who these people were and what their story was.