Freddie recalls street party at end of the war

The VE street party in Station Road, Gosport
The VE street party in Station Road, Gosport
HM Submarine  P556  is berthed at (as it was then ) Fort Blockhouse. Wrens are pushing the torpedo. (Mike Nolan coll.)

NOSTALGIA: Wrens show the boys how to do it

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Sporting their paper crowns, these children were celebrating the end of the Second World War at Gosport in 1945.

Freddie Plater submitted this picture, which was taken in Station Road.

He says: ‘The party was held on a piece of land adjacent to 12 Station Road, which today is Thamesmead Close.

‘I was four when it was taken and although I am not in the picture, I have memories of many of the people there.’

He adds: ‘Seven years later in 1952 when the new Queen Elizabeth visited Gosport on her way to review Naval Air Command at HMS Daedalus, her chauffeur used the same land to wait in her car, out of sight, until her arrival by train at Brockhurst station at the top end of Station Road.’