Gas mask drill no laughing matter after horrors of war

Gas masks at the ready...
Gas masks at the ready...
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Not some far flung island but Port Creek alongside Eastern Road, Portsmouth, earlier this week. I counted more than 50 plastic bottles along with other man-made filth.

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It might look amusing, but after the experiences of the First World War nobody took gas mask drill lightly.

Sue Hill sent these two Royal Navy photographs after seeing one I published last year (below) of the Royal Naval photographic section believed to be from the 1920s.

Gas masks on

Gas masks on

She says her father told her the gas mask drill was undertaken during a course, either at RNC Greenwich 1920, RNEC Keyham 1921/22 or HMS Fisgard 1926/27.

Looking at the background, it seems these pictures might have been taken in the same place.