Giant yew tree is the only reminder of village life

Clanfield's famous tree
Clanfield's famous tree
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You may remember that on these pages last year I published a series of ‘then and now’ photographs of Finchdean village, near Rowlands Castle.

They came from the Waterlooville collector Paul Costen ( and now he has let me have a few of his postcards of Clanfield, a lovely place to live to the west of the A3 just past Horndean.

I have been back to the village to try to locate what is left from days gone by.

As you can see, most of the lovely timber-framed cottages have been demolished and replaced with modern constructions. I’ll show a different view in the coming days.

So, in the picture on the right we are looking down South Lane. The timber-framed building makes this shot so picturesque with village children outside the gates of St James’s Church just out of view. The yew tree leans over the churchyard wall.

In the modern picture the cottages have made way for flats and shops, but the yew tree still leans over the road so at least something of the past remains in this quiet backwater.