Gosport amateurs’ Test Match specials

One for all the car experts who read this column and pick me up on my failings. Can anyone identify the vehicle in this 1905 picture? It has a Portsmouth number plate.

NOSTALGIA: Can anyone identify this car with the Portsmouth plates?

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Peter Edgar dropped me a line from Gosport to tell me he was proud to play for the very successful Gosport Amateur Cricket Club.

It eventually amalgamated with Gosport Cricket Club to become the Gosport Borough Cricket Club in 1966 and remains so today.

As most of you cricketing fellows will know, today most matches are played to limited overs so a draw is almost, if not a complete, impossibility.

Before this type of game came in, any match played on the local rec was like a Test Match where a team played to bowl the other out and then the other team went in to try and beat the opposition run total in a certain amount of time.

In this way a draw could be announced.

In this 1965 picture of the ‘amateurs’ we see the unbeaten side which won 34 matches and drew the rest. A record now unlikely to be beaten.

The side travelled as far as Bournemouth in the west, Brighton to the east and to London.

Back row (l to r): Mickey Hunt, Derek Andrews, George Collins, Bill Francis, John Blackmore, Arthur Stevens, Tom Cordory.

Front: Alan Bishop, Aubrey Jesty, Bud Fisher (captain), Peter Edgar, Bernard Ramsden.