Grand old buildings that were destroyed by Hitler

High Street from the Square Tower in Old Portsmouth
High Street from the Square Tower in Old Portsmouth
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What a great pity it is that the Second World War occurred, for what a wonderful part of Portsmouth, Old Portsmouth would still be.

That’s assuming council planners would never have wanted to modernise anything, of course.

I sometimes wish I had been born 20 years earlier so I could have seen this view pre-1941.

For that was when the Luftwaffe destroyed this part of the old town.

On the right we see High Street, Old Portsmouth, from the Square Tower in perhaps the 1930s. To the right is the entrance to Grand Parade and in the middle distance the old museum.

The tramlines wander down the street to the bottom of Broad Street at Point where the loop still remains to this day.

In today’s picture (below) the horse and cart have long gone and modern cars replace them on the bend.

The trams have been gone since 1936 and what was always Point to Portsmouth people has been replaced by the term Spice Island.