Guns too loud for Portsmouth residents

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Last week I mentioned the Evening Gun fired at Old Portsmouth and Dave Quinton told us that a 1pm gun was being investigated but was never introduced.

David also mentioned that musket-firing was banned when the Fort Cumberland Guard used to muster at the Round Tower in Broad Street.

He says: ‘Environmental technicians from the council came with their meters and took readings with us firing both musket and cannon with full and reduced charges, at various positions along Broad Street and also in residents’ properties front and rear.

‘We also fired on top of the Round Tower and along the associated curtain to the Square Tower, in fact from every known usual firing position. We were sent copies of the readings which showed in certain places we were definitely above the legal allowable noise levels even when we fired with reduced charges!

‘This was the finish at Point for us.

‘Luckily the council found us accommodation within Southsea Castle where we thrived for the next 15 years.’