Hey Jude’s – whatever happened to all the girls?

The 'Top Class' at St Jude's in about 1960
The 'Top Class' at St Jude's in about 1960
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The interest in the old St Jude’s school, Southsea, shows no sign of abating.Jonathan Clapham has dug out these two pictures taken by his father in 1960.

He appears in the one on the right – the fair-headed lad with head slightly bowed in the middle row. He has no idea what happened to the girls, but says they were certainly around.

The main school building is to the left with Marmion Road in the distance. To his right is Henry Raison and other names he can recall are Christopher Elkin, Christopher Ward, Roger Sandford, Barry Jones, Roger Hoad, Barry Strong and Colin Maddison.

The picture below was taken from the top of the fire escape.

Jonathan says: ‘The gate led out into Fontwell Road. The road leading off, top left, is no longer there. The car in Fontwell Road belonged to one of the teachers, a Mr Drew from memory, and his son was a pupil at the school.’