Historic royal tour of 1947

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Firemen battle with the blaze at Havant Thicket

THIS WEEK IN 1984: Forest blaze ruins 10 acres of Havant trees

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These six pictures were taken during the historic tour to South Africa by the royal family in 1947.

The Queen, then Princess Elizabeth, accompanied her father King George VI and the Queen Mother, along with her sister Princess Margaret, on the first royal visit to the southern hemisphere since 1927.

On a bitterly cold January day, the King and his family travelled to Portsmouth from Waterloo on the royal train pulled by the steam locomotive Lord Nelson.

They left the city from South Railway Jetty in the dockyard in the battleship HMS Vanguard heading for Cape Town.

Vanguard was escorted by the aircraft carrier HMS Implacable, the cruisers Cleopatra and Diadem and the destroyers St James and St Kitts.

It was during this four-month tour of South Africa and Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) that the Queen celebrated her 21st birthday.

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