Historic tramway sign has disappeared

Have you seen this plaque?
Have you seen this plaque?
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Hidden signage revealed after sixty years''.

NOSTALGIA: What on earth did this mean?

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Christine Atkins is seeking a sign – a plaque marking a little piece of Portsmouth’s history.

She says it disappeared from a wall of Priory School, Southsea, which fronts Rugby Road, some time around July 3.

As you can see, the plaque records details of the old tram tracks which can still be seen in Rugby Road.

Christine says: ‘Inquiries at the school have shown that it has no jurisdiction over the plaque.’

She says it also mysteriously disappeared a couple of years ago, but it reappeared six months later and Christine then took this picture to record its wording.

‘The plaque was of great historic interest to foreign and other visitors to Portsmouth, and of special interest to tram enthusiasts as it gave the history of trams used in Rugby Road.’

Anyone who can shed light on the missing sign should contact her via e-mail at catkins8_@hotmail.com.