HMS Bulwark disaster

Copy of telegram reporting the sinking of HMS Bulwark
Copy of telegram reporting the sinking of HMS Bulwark

THIS WEEK IN 1971: Gosport schools’ plight is ‘horrifying’

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As I mentioned last week, the battleship HMS Bulwark blew up at anchor on November 26, 1914, taking more than 700 men to their deaths.

I am attending the memorial service on Saturday, November 29, at 2.15pm in Woodlands Cemetery. Gillingham, Kent.

I trying to glean as much information as possible about the boys who lived in Portsmouth and the surrounding area. I have done some research and found quite a few names but wondered if any of you know, within your families of one of them.

I would very much like a photograph. So far I have the surnames Box, of Caranado Road, Gosport; Cronshaw, of Twyford Avenue, Stamshaw, Portsmouth; Waggett, of Jervis Road, Stamshaw and Oxford of Claremont Road, Fratton.

If you know of them or have other family information to do with this disaster, please would you contact me.