In search of the Nelson step

Dressed in their best Number 8s working dress and black armbands are Jacky Jackson, Paddy Jordan, Tom Coleman and Stokes with Eddie Wardle kneeling in front. They were serving in HMS Ark Royal.

NOSTALGIA: Black day for navy as daily rum ration is scrapped

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Some two years ago I asked about a brass plaque that was on the steps of Trafalgar House in Pembroke Street, Old Portsmouth – the house where Nelson visited his sister before leaving these shores for the last time.

The house was bombed during the war and the brass stored.

I was informed it was kept in the Portsmouth collection and was able to take a photograph of it.

Now I have heard from Jim Kellaway, who asked me to find out about another brass plaque which seems to have disappeared.

In the 1960s the right hand window of Cumberland House Museum always held a display. To gain the height to see it, you had to climb on some Portland stone steps.

On one of these steps was fixed a brass plaque which said the step had come from the entrance to the George Hotel in High Street.

It was the hotel where Nelson stayed for breakfast before embarking for Trafalgar.

The step is no longer there, but Jim wonders if it is on display or in storage somewhere?

Jim also asked if anyone knows what happened to the cannon located outside the Bastion restaurant at Hilsea.