Joyce and her Fratton classmates – 85 years on

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On the night of January 10, 1941, air raid shelters built in the playground of the school at the junction of Besant Road and Arundel Street, Fratton, took a direct hit.

The school seems to have had several names: Fratton School, Besant Road School or the Council School.

Ten years before the war, in 1929, we see some of the children posing for this photograph. It was a time long before school uniforms, not that their parents could have afforded them. The children are sitting on forms with a long sharing desk and don’t they all look happy.

The blonde girl third from the left with glasses is Joyce Blunn, later Jago, who lived in Common Street, Landport. I am glad to tell you she is still with us at the age of 90. The photo was sent by her daughter Annette Sutton.