King’s Road, Southsea, about 1905.

King's Road, Southsea, 1905
King's Road, Southsea, 1905
A little fuzzy perhaps but here we see Portsdown Hill Road where it meets London Road. The George pub would be on the right behind the soldiers. 'Picture: Barry Cox Collection

NOSTALGIA: PoWs forced to cut height of Portsdown Hill

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The only identifiable feature remaining in this view following wartime bombing and redevelopment is the roof of Clarence Barracks (now the City Museum), just visible on the horizon.

On the left is a branch of the ubiquitous Timothy White’s pharmacy, while on the near corner of Hyde Road, right, is rival Thomas Job’s chemist shop.

Further down, just past South Street on the right, is Joseph Bulpitt’s drapery store spanning five shop units. The cyclist (bottom right) is just passing Henry Clatworthy’s sweet shop.