Kingston Cross 108 years ago

Kingston Cross circa 1905
Kingston Cross circa 1905
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Taken just a century after the Battle of Trafalgar, this image shows Kingston Cross, the junction of Kingston Road, London Road and Kingston Crescent (right).

What a busy location it was even back then.

The large building to the left was the head office of Smith & Vosper the bakers. It must have been an overcast day as the blinds are in place.

The building in the distance is the baptist church, now a pub called The Lanyard.

On the northern corner of Kingston Crescent is a firm with Taylor as a surname, but I cannot make out the initials.

A well-dressed lady of the time pushes her perambulator along the pavement on the left and some gentlemen are perhaps discussing business on the right.

The monument in the centre of the road would be a definite traffic hazard at this very busy traffic junction today.