LDB celebration pictures mark the Passage of time

The 1970 Christmas staff dinner for LDB staff at Kimbells
The 1970 Christmas staff dinner for LDB staff at Kimbells
The loss of HMS Eurydice during a squall.

NOSTALGIA: Ghostly sightings of Portsmouth frigate lost in snowstorm 140 years ago

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Many of you will know of Sandra Smith from her tenacious work at the Kings Theatre, Southsea.

But in another life – between 1968 and 1970 – she worked for the much-loved and much-missed Landport Drapery Bazaar department store on the corner of Commercial Road and Arundel Street, Portsmouth.

Her best friend from those days, Anne Bowman, has just celebrated her 80th birthday which made Sandra nostalgic for those days.

So she raided her comprehensive collection of photograph albums and came up with these four pictures.

Sandra features in each along with many other LDB staff. All four were taken at the store’s Christmas dinners.

In the main picture Sandra (then Sandra Passage), is wearing glasses and has her back to the camera but is looking at it over her shoulder. The picture was taken at Kimbells in 1970.

On Sandra’s left, wearing a black necklace is Judy Squibb. Anne Bowman is the blonde woman on her right. Judy’s parents are opposite her and her mother worked in the women’s fashion department on the first floor.

Sandra is convinced she recently met the man with the beard on the end of the table who has turned to face the camera, a picture in our gallery.

She says: ‘He is a taxi driver and I just cannot remember his name, but lots of people will recognise him.’ Can you?