Leaves on the line

Leaves on the line!
Leaves on the line!
Happy days: South Parade Pier, Southsea.

BOB HIND'S NOSTALGIA: Prize-giving on Southsea Pier

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Do you know what frustrates many older railwaymen more than anything?

It is the way everything has altered since privatisation.

This week’s storm brought some chaos to the railway system and South West Trains in particular.

They sent the first trains out at reduced speed to see if there was any damage or blockage to the line which, of course there was.

But it was an electric train which ended up trapped. But why leave it so late in the day?

When it was British Rail, the running foremen at Fratton, Woking and Basingstoke would have sent out a diesel light engine with crews very early on to check what the position was and something would have been done about it quickly.

As we know, there are no spare locomotives about and if there were, no one to crew them.

Result, chaos.