Long queues for chance to meet men at Navy Days

Navy Days, 1935
Navy Days, 1935
A pod of dolphins.

NOSTALGIA: Dolphins in Portsmouth Harbour     

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‘See the Ships and Meet the Men’ was the slogan of Navy Days, held each year at major naval bases around the country.

Portsmouth was always popular and in their heyday the open days attracted huge crowds.

The queues to enter the Dockyard often stretched far up Queen Street and inside the base there was always a long wait to go aboard various ships.

The bands played and there was continuous entertainment in the arena, with small-arms displays, drill and often the odd bit of slapstick.

Here an expectant crowd waits for the start of the afternoon show in 1935 with HMS Victory behind and, in the background, HMS Nelson, the flagship of the Home Fleet from 1927 until 1941.