Looking back to a time that was more accepting

A Ukranian wedding in Bedhampton
A Ukranian wedding in Bedhampton
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There is much in the media these days about people coming into the country from eastern Europe with all the so called social problems etcetera.

There was a time when things were a little different. After the Second World War Russia was chasing everyone and out to get as much land as possible in the west of the country.

So as not to live under Russian rule the peoples of the Baltic States and further afield, including the Ukraine, made their way to England as displaced persons and European voluntary workers.

What some of these people must have been through over five years of war must have been quite horrific at times but they finally settled here and were well accepted by the locals.

Many settled at Bedhampton in a Nissen and brick built hutted camp (formerly HMS Daedalus III) and Bedhampton Camp. This was built for the bombed-out people of Portsmouth but never used.

Here we see a photograph of some Ukrainians dressed in custom clothes at a wedding in the camp.