Lord Haw Haw lies again

Gold ashore in Canada
Gold ashore in Canada
Edinburgh Road, Landport, Portsmouth, in the 1920s, maybe 1930s.' Picture: Robert James Collection

NOSTALGIA: Would you dare do this in this Portsmouth street today?

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I asked recently whether anyone could confirm this consignment of gold bullion was being unloaded in Nova Scotia, Canada, from either HMS Malaya or HMS Revenge in 1940.

Tom White, from Stubbington, says: ‘I was a midshipman in Royal Sovereign early in 1940 when we carried a large consignment of gold to Halifax, Nova Scotia. I well remember handling it as we unloaded.

‘Shortly afterwards Lord Haw Haw reported on German radio that Royal Sovereign carrying a large consignment of gold to Canada had been sunk by U boats. Fortunately untrue!’