Lou: Are we about to start trading Pogs in the office?

A British 25 pounder gun gun, a naval 15 inch shell of the type that would have been fired from a battleship, and a shift dress made from parachute silk in the refurbished D-Day Story museum

WATCH: Portsmouth’s new D-Day museum to open next week after £5m revamp

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Isn’t it strange how fashions come and go? Sometimes it’s the things you’d never expect to make a reappearance that are suddenly everywhere.

I was shopping and spotted necklaces and bracelets made of thin plastic thread woven into a stretchy loop which you wear around your wrist or neck. I remember owning loads of them in a huge range of colours when I was 10. They were the thing to be seen wearing in the playground. Now they’re on sale in women’s clothes shops. I know there’s a bit of a ’90s revival going on, but what next? Are we going to all start trading Pogs in the office?

Saying that, I was sceptical about skinny jeans for ages, now they’re pretty much the only thing I wear. So ask me again in a year and I’ll probably be covered in the things.