Malins Road in 1971

Malins Road in Buckland, Portsmouth, in 1971
Malins Road in Buckland, Portsmouth, in 1971
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Hidden signage revealed after sixty years''.

NOSTALGIA: What on earth did this mean?

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This archive picture shows Malins Road in Buckland, Portsmouth, 42 years ago.

They show Malins Road, Buckland, Portsmouth, looking south from its junction with Gamble Road.

Copperfield House is the only building that remains from the 1971 photograph and even that is obscured by trees in the modern view.

The Centaur Inn, on the corner of what was Elm Road, was built in 1888 and demolished in 1972. It was designed by AH Bone who was responsible for many of Portsmouth’s grand pub designs.

The pub was part of the Brickwoods estate and featured a large sculpture of the mythical Centaur at first floor level.

A lot of the terraced streets in this area were flattened in the 1960s and 1970s.

The single-storey, brick-dominated Buckland Community Centre now occupies the site.

n From John Sadden’s Portsmouth Through Time.