Many memories of Cosham’s cinema

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The Waverley cinema in Cosham, which I mentioned a fortnight ago, was known to many of you. Eddy Amey of Fareham tells me that after it was converted to a fire station, his father was stationed there.

He was the fireman who drove the escape fire engine during the war.

Mike Noonan tells me that it was built by Frank Privett and opened in 1921 and located between Woolworth’s and the George and Dragon pub. Therefore you could get sweets on the way in and a pint on the way out. Lovely.

The cinema had a cafe on the ground floor called The Old Oak Tearooms.

By 1930 it had become the Cosham Cinema and then in 1934 the Waverley. It closed its doors for the last time in 1939. Thanks for all the information.

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