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Annette shows off her work
Annette shows off her work
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Last week I wrote about the huge amount of pubs that were open in this city back in 1934.

Annette Fairhurst from Southsea contacted me to say she has spent the past six months on a project mapping all the 74 pubs in the Commercial Road/Arundel Street to Lake Road/Fratton Road area.

A computer copy of the map has now been placed in the City Museum, where anyone can take a look at it for reference.

While on the subject, Chris Fogden dropped me a line to say that his father, Andrew Richard Fogden, was brought up and lived at 62 Somers Road, Southsea, where his father (who had the same Christian names) ran a draper’s shop.

Chris was told that, in the early days of the last century, Somers Road had a dozen side roads leading off it. Apart from Pains Road, on each of the corner of each of these roads was a public house! On Pains Road was a church and the drapery.

Do any of you remember Fogden’s drapery and, a little farther up Somers Road, Audrey’s clothes shop? Audrey was Chris’s aunt on his father’s side.