Memories of markets and Bob the horse

The old Friday totters' market in Unicorn Road, Portsmouth
The old Friday totters' market in Unicorn Road, Portsmouth
The loss of HMS Eurydice during a squall.

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Many of you will have fond memories of the Friday market held in Unicorn Road, Portsmouth, on the approach to the Unicorn Gate entrance to the naval base.

Richard Boryer, of Oakshott Drive, Havant, sent me the four pictures featured today.

They are taken from slides his father bought from a man several years ago.

They are undated but look as if they might have been taken in the mid-1970s, perhaps shortly before the market closed in late 1976.

It was forced to shut when the Ministry of Defence wanted the land to extend the naval base.

Our archives mention one of the market’s great character and I wonder if it might be him in the picture on the right.

He was Gordon Ash, of Besant Road, Fratton, who had traded at the market since 1947 with his ancient cart and horse, Bob.

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