Memories of the Royal Marine Cadet Band

The Royal Marine Cadet Band in the 1950s
The Royal Marine Cadet Band in the 1950s
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Rosemarie Purdy got in touch after seeing the picture of the Royal Marine Cadet Band performing at the Savoy cinema, Southsea, on these pages last March.

The lads were performing in 1954 to coincide with the making of the film The Cockleshell Heroes in which they appeared.

Rosemarie and her brothers are certain that one of the boys (front row, third from the right) is their late older brother Terry Griffin. She says: ‘Terry suffered, with great fortitude, ill health for most of his life, and passed away 21 years ago.

‘He was very proud to be part of the Marine Cadets for a few years as he would have liked to have followed in our father’s footsteps and joined the service as a career.’

And finally, Pauline Philpott, was delighted to see this Remember When picture (below left) on Christmas Eve of the festive production at Cliffdale Secondary School, Cosham, in 1993.

She says: ‘I was 15 and went to that school. I remember the background as I designed and painted it’. Some of her fellow pupils she recalls from the picture were Daniel Umley, John Thompson, Richard Morley, Elizabeth Neville, and her best friend David Wright.

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