Mid-winter and all these lads wore short trousers

Stride Avenue Primary school Christmas play, 1952
Stride Avenue Primary school Christmas play, 1952
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It might not be obvious from the picture on the right, but every lad in this 1952 picture is wearing short trousers.

‘Maybe we were hardier then,’ ponders Peter Lock, who is fifth from the right in the back row.

He knows the photo was taken in the winter because it shows the cast members of Stride Avenue Primary School’s Christmas play of that year.

How many old boys from the school at Copnor, Portsmouth, recognise themselves?

The recent picture of the crashed Co-op dairy lorry (below) at Leigh Park in 1988 brought back memories for Mick Walker.

He says: ‘The dairy at Farlington was in the process of changing from the old standard pint bottles to the smaller dumpy type.

‘The bottles and crates were shipped over to a yard in Leigh Park and then transported out on larger lorries to be shipped to another dairy.’

He adds: ‘I was working at the dairy and we were sent over to help with the loading and unloading. I remember the lorry leaving the yard and saying it didn’t look very secure. Next thing we heard the crash.

‘We all had to go and help clear it up.’