Mystery men hide behind their gas mask disguise

Members of the Royal Naval photographic section possibly in the 1920s
Members of the Royal Naval photographic section possibly in the 1920s
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Roy Thompson has raided his album and found, among others, this peculiar photograph in which no one is obviously recognisable.

Roy, of Berkeley Close, Hill Head, Fareham, wonders if anyone can shed any light on why these men were concealing their identity, unless, of course, it was all a big joke.

He believes it might have been taken in the 1920s but really is not sure.

On the back of the original print is written Royal Naval Photographic Section.

Roy said: ‘My uncle by marriage, Frederick Blake, was in the Royal Marines and he is somewhere in the picture.

‘He was Colour Sergeant Fred Blake. His service number was PO/14707 and he was discharged at Eastney Barracks, Portsmouth, on September 2, 1941.’

Roy’s aunt, Maud Thirza Higgins, features in this picture of ‘Group 5’ from St John’s Girls’ School, Gosport, taken in 1919. She is in the second row from the back, third from the left, and he wonders if anyone else recognises a relative.

The other two photographs here show the Spotted Cow pub at Cowplain probably in the 1920s or 1930s.

The registration of the car is AEL 13 and Roy wonders if anyone knows what became of it and if the plates and the clock on the wall are still there.

He says the pub was obviously closed judging by the presence of the Alsatian guarding the entrance.