Name that Portsmouth street! And you did, in droves

Elm Grove, Southsea
Elm Grove, Southsea
Bishop's Waltham.

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A Leigh Park prefect was knocked unconscious by a 15-year-old boy as he tried to stop him from taking a shortcut through the school during a break.

And back came the answer from dozens of you. Many thanks for putting me straight on Elm Grove, Southsea, looking west towards Kings Road.

‘Southsea girl’ Janet Stanley, now from Portchester, remembered Edmunds the butcher’s shop on the south side, as did Brian Jenkins, of Lower Drayton Lane, Portsmouth.

All of you named the turning on the right as St Andrew’s Road. Doug Willis, of Edgeware Road, Milton, confirmed the plot behind that curved wall was where Southsea library was later built.

Albany Road emerges on the left, between the cart loaded with sacks and the car. On the corner, remembers Doug, was The Elms pub run by Mr and Mrs Miller, well-known Southsea publicans and the parents of John Miller later of JM Inns fame.

Doug adds: ‘Next to the pub was a greengrocers, part of the Waine family chain, with outlets all over Portsmouth. Every Saturday morning a lady called Olive used to serve my mother with vegetables. Fred Waine was a director of Pompey for many years.

‘Also in this row of shops was a toy shop of the old fashioned kind – window full of lead soldiers, cowboys, knights on horseback, Dinky toys, Matchbox toys, and dolls.’

One thing no one told me, the year. 1929.