Nelson’s sister visits Portsmouth

Trafalgar House - but where was it?
Trafalgar House - but where was it?

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As all history students know, Lord Nelson spent his last hours in Portsmouth on September 11, 1805 before embarking for the Battle of Trafalgar.

Looking through an old book, I have discovered that Nelson’s favourite sister, Mrs Catherine Matcham, visited to see him off.

It was in the house pictured that Catherine bade him farewell and afterwards the house was called Trafalgar.

Unfortunately, like so many buildings, it was lost in the blitz on the city during the war.

Can any of you Nelson buffs tell me where the house was located?

As for Catherine, she was married to George and they had seven children. In memory of her brother, two of her sons were named after him. One was named Nelson and the other Horatio. Catherine’s last-born, a girl, was named Horatia, as was Nelson’s illegitimate daughter by Lady Emma Hamilton.

Catherine died in 1842, aged 65.