Newnhams had fingers in lots of Portsmouth’s pies

Trevor Newnham enjoying a 'tea break' in High Street, Old Portsmouth.
Trevor Newnham enjoying a 'tea break' in High Street, Old Portsmouth.
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Gillian Fuller got in touch after seeing a picture of her father Trevor Newnham in a recent Remember When page.

And the Newnham family has a long and colourful history in the area.

In January my colleague Bob Hind published a picture of William and Phyllis Wyatt who were landlords of the Florist pub in Fratton Road, Portsmouth, in the 1960s and 70s. Trevor appeared in that picture.

Gillian, of North Road, Horndean, said that it was his mother, Rose, the sister of Phyllis, who owned The Sportsman’s Rest in Copnor Road and the Robin Hood at Forestside, near Rowlands Castle.

She also sent this picture of her father having what she describes as a ‘tea break’ in High Street, Old Portsmouth.

Gillian said: ‘When he left the merchant navy he worked on the Isle of Wight ferries, owned at the by British Rail.

‘The ferries originally came in at the slipway at the bottom of High Street, Old Portsmouth.

‘This photo shows him and some of his colleagues having their tea break outside the pub which became an estate agents. Look how high the water sometimes came up the street.’

She goes on to say that her great grandfather Frederick Newnham and his brother caused quite a stir in the city.

‘They owned the bathing machines on Southsea seafront and in 1909 made history by allowing the first mixed bathing.’ At the time this forbidden under a by-law.

And Gillian added that the brothers also owned the first motorised taxi in Portsmouth.