Ninety-five years of Gosport history

The class at Grove Road School Gosport, 1919
The class at Grove Road School Gosport, 1919
The loss of HMS Eurydice during a squall.

NOSTALGIA: Ghostly sightings of Portsmouth frigate lost in snowstorm 140 years ago

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In this 1919 photograph of Grove Road School, Gosport, we see the class of six to eight-year-olds looking at the camera with, perhaps, some suspicion.

In the centre of the middle row is Irene Harris (née Gearing) who celebrated her 100th birthday last April.

To the left of her is her sister Dorothy who died in 2010.

What always fascinates me about these photographs is the dress of the day especially the boys dressed in naval rig complete with lanyards.

The lad on the left in the back row is wearing tropical rig so it might be a summer’s day.

I think we can be assured the three lads all had fathers in the navy.

Through her life Irene has lived under four sovereigns, George V, Edward VIII, George VI and the present Queen.

In later life Irene married Steve Harris and ran a successful strawberry farm at Titchfield.