Northern Road bridge on a fine spring day in 1960s

Northern Road bridge
Northern Road bridge
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It was reported in The News that the bridge over the railway on Northern Road is to be replaced in the summer, with some resulting chaos.

Here we see the bridge in a photograph taken by Martin Jenkins, now of Copnor, from Cosham Station footbridge looking west circa 1964. My thanks to Barry Cox and Pat Kinsella for other information for all you transport buffs.

The train approaching is being hauled by a Standard Class 5. The train started its journey at Salisbury, heading to Portsmouth & Southsea via Redbridge.

To the left of the engine in the siding are some five-plank 10-ton open service wagons.

On the bridge passing left to right is thought to be a Southdown Leyland PD3.

The two cars having just passed each other to the right of the bridge could possibly be a Morris Minor and a Ford Anglia.

In front of the bridge there was once another one which carried the Portsdown & Horndean Light Railway trams from the Cosham compound, located to the left on the waste ground.

The tracks led over the railway then crossed three roads – Southampton Road, Spur Road and Northern Road – via level crossings before passing over Southwick Road and onward and upward to the top of Portsdown Hill and on to Horndean.

On this fine spring day the signalman has the window of the signalbox open to let some air pass through. The ground signal to the right of the engine would be used to set trains back into the right hand siding. These were usually called ‘dummy signals’ by railwaymen.

On the gates can be seen the massive oil lamps used for night-time sighting. Above the bridge can be seen an upper-semaphore home signal.