NOSTALGIA: Bedhampton railway gates at the turn of the last century

A well -known postcard from the last century: a shepherd herding sheep across Bedhampton level crossing.

This picture is well-known and produced several times over the years on this page by my predecessors, so I thought we would have then and now photos to see how the scene has altered.

Quite considerably, since the introduction of the combustion engine.

The same scene at Bedhampton, the sheep long replaced by double yellow lines.

The footbridge at Bedhampton station is still there but everything else has changed.

From the left you can see two signals high up on the post, these are repeaters for signals lower down the post so train drivers approaching from Portsmouth can see them.

The gates seem quite fragile compared to today’s.

The shepherd and his flock of sheep appear quite safe as there was little to disturb them.

When Barry Cox showed me this photograph of the roundabout at the junction of Market Way and Unicorn Road, Portsmouth, and told me it was taken in 1996, I was amazed. It was taken by his colleague John Bosher just 21 years ago. I cannot even remember a roundabout at the bottom of Unicorn Road, can you? Was the underpass filled in?

In the ‘today’ scene the footbridge remains but little else.

The signals are now coloured light-controlled from a new signalling centre at Havant. The gates have gone, replaced by what were once called continental lifting barriers. The traffic is controlled by double flashing lights.

The original photographer could have taken his time but I had to wait for a gap in the traffic to quickly retake the photograph.

This is an advert for Tonys Crisps in the programme for the 1953 Coronation Fleet review at Spithead. Weve all heard of Smiths crisps manufactured at Paulsgrove, but where were Tonys crisps made?

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