NOSTALGIA: Fratton Park faithful let rip for
founder of Girlguiding movement

The World Chief Guide, Lady Olave Baden-Powell, at Fratton Park in 1970 for Girlguiding's diamond jubilee rally.

On Thursday, February 22 I published a photograph of Lord and Lady Baden-Powell on a 1937 visit to the city and on board Implacable.

It was not the last time Lady Olave Powell visited the city as in June 1970 she arrived for the diamond jubilee of the Girl Guides’ movement.

In 1978 you could get a two-course meal for �1.95 at the Keppel's Head.

The event was held at Fratton Park and 1,700 Guides turned up to cheer Lady Baden-Powell as she was driven around the ground to many cheers.

Where you at the event and have memories and pictures you could share?

• You may think going out for a meal these days is expensive compared to a few years ago.

But this was the price of a two-course meal at the Keppel’s Head on The Hard, Portsea, in 1978.

Old Portsmouth in 1934 with Broad Street in the bottom left-hand corner.

It appears to be a buffet menu for which you could help yourself to as much veg as you liked. Of course, £1.95 appears cheap but on a price comparison chart I found it worked out to be £7.85 at today’s prices.

• Many of the buildings seen in the 1934 picture of Old Portsmouth disappeared when the area was blitzed in the Second World War.

Across the bottom is Point Barracks and Broad Street. The cathedral is surrounded by housing with the city museum across the road, the building with the Doric columns.

To the left middle is Victoria Barracks and on the far right Lady’s Mile disappears into the distance.

The last complete warship to be built in the dockyard, HMS Andromeda slips into the water May 24, 1967.

On the common there appears to be the annual agricultural fair going on with the area covered in white tents.

• Although, until recently, pieces of warships were still constructed in Portsmouth naval base the whole ship was assembled elsewhere.

Here we see the launch of the last ship to be completely constructed on a slipway in the former Portsmouth Royal Dockyard.

HMS Andromeda was a Leander class frigate of 2,860 tons and was laid down on May 25, 1966.

She was launched on May 24, 1967 and commissioned in 1968.

Andromeda took part in the Falklands war, mostly as a close escort for the carrier HMS Invincible.

In 1995 she was sold to India and renamed INS Krishna. She had an ignominious end when she was sunk as a target ship in 2012.

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