NOSTALGIA: Portsmouth memories of Radio 1 roadshow as station hits 50

Peter Powell at the Radio 1 Roadshow on Southsea Common in what is believed to be 1982.

It was the moment when those of us of a certain age ditched 208 and moved up in the world to 247. On medium wave of course.

At last we baby boomers had a radio station which played the music relevant to us – all day, every day.

Ruth Cole and Carol Morgan resplendent with deely boppers.

For me it meant leaving Radio Luxembourg to crackle its way into obscurity and finding the late night genius that was John Peel, albeit still on a small transistor hidden under bedclothes .

Tomorrow the BBC’s Radio 1 is 50 – the station that shaped a generation.

But for those of us who grew up in seaside towns and cities it was the Radio 1 Roadshow which made the station tangible.

On The News Facebook page we asked for your memories of the summer ritual which attracted thousands to each event.

It was when the craze to wear deely boppers first came about

Ruth Cole

In the top picture DJ Peter Powell is in the middle of a seething mass of fans on Southsea Common in what Ruth Cole thinks was August 1982.

Ruth responded to our request for memories of the roadshow with its Bits and Pieces quiz and daily guess-the-distance-between-venues poser with Smiley Miley. She sent me the picture.

Ruth went with friend Carol Morgan (that’s them towards the centre and in the enlarged second picture).

Ruth says: ‘We arrived early and sat towards the front.

Smiles all round as the crowd waves to the camera at the BBC Radio One Roadshow in 1994 PP4041 PPP-140111-142556001

‘We were both 15 and it was when the craze to wear deely boppers first came about.

‘We both thought we looked the bees’ knees in ours. You can just see them on our heads.’

Ruth adds: ‘I remember the Bits and Pieces competition and all the giveaways.

‘We were just happy to be part of the experience.’

The live BBC Radio One Roadshow in Southsea in 1994 PP4038 PPP-140111-142421001

She says that as a mum she took her eldest son every year.

‘I particularly remember the one in the 1990s when Take That and East 17 appeared.

‘By then it was more about the acts rather than the DJs as before.’

Radio 1 launched at 7am on September 30, 1967.

Tony Blackburn was the first DJ on air, launching the station with his new programme Daily Disc Delivery with Robin Scott, then Controller of Radio 1, standing over him.

The first record played was Flowers in the Rain by The Move followed by Massachusetts by the Bee Gees.

Thousands turedn up to the BBC Radio One Roadshow hosted by Steve Wright at Castle Field, Southsea in 1994 PP4039 PPP-140111-142535001

Radio 1’s first listing in the Radio Times was billed on the cover as ‘The Swinging New Radio Service’.

The station’s popularity was demonstrated in the year following its launch, when record sales increased by 10 per cent.

... and this was 1993 when, again, thousands thronged the common.

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