NOSTALGIA: Radio 1 anniversary brings back happy memories of Tricorn Club

Noel Edmonds presenting the Radio One Club and interviewing fellow DJ Pete Cross at the Tricorn Club in Portsmouth.

Hard on the heels of last Saturdays 50th anniversary of BBC Radio 1 and the pictures here of that station’s summer roadshow in Portsmouth, DJ Pete Cross pointed me in the direction of these photographs.

Among many others, they can be found on the Facebook page called Tricorn Club in Portsmouth.

Status Quo played the Tricorn supported if memory serves me by Aubrey Small - cost us �100 and they were brilliant - just heads down and off they went for a couple of hours- it was the period when they were changing from a "pop" band to what they became, says Pete Cross.

Pete says he enjoyed the Radio 1 Roadshow feature with its photos from the 1980s and ’90s, but adds: ‘Donkey’s years before these popular events took place Radio 1 presented a daily lunchtime programme called Radio One Club.

‘This toured the UK with their top DJs presenting.

‘The old, much-missed Tricorn Club had four visits and featured Noel Edmonds, David Symonds, Emperor Rosko, Anne Nightingale and others.

‘Among the live bands were The Equals and Alan Bown Set featuring Robert Palmer and many more.’

Party band Mud appeared at The Tricorn many times before they had their first hit with Crazy. And then came Tiger Feet...

Unsurprisingly, the Tricorn Disco Club – to give it its full name – was part of The Tricorn shopping complex in Market Way.

It ran from 1967 as a cabaret venue before becoming a hugely popular disco with great live bands from 1969 until 1975 after which it changed names several times.

Another great band to play the Tricorn were Vinegar Joe with Elkie Brooks and Robert Palmer up front.

I ran out of space last week to use the final picture from George Madgwicks collection showing his familys links to all things equine in Portsmouth. Here we see Sid Madgwick on the left with his son Kevin driving an open carriage at the Southsea Show.

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